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Apheresis/Dialysis RN Needed for 13 Week Contract in Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon
2020-10-06 23:32:58
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OHSU Mark O. Hatfield Research Center

3251 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd, Portland, OR 97239

RN - Apheresis (526976)

Hatfield Resource Center (HRC)14D20

Monday –Friday 0700-1530

Proficient in Apheresis procedures TPE, Collection ECP. Share on call responsibilities

Bill rate: $80

Experience with all types of vascular access devices including PIV placement skills, Port-a-cath access, Apheresis catheters, care and maintenance

Three years acute care hospital experience

Experience in apheresis/dialysis procedures

BLS, BSN, Oregon RN License – okay to submit candidates with RN license pending

Therapeutic apheresis is a relatively unfamiliar area of nursing practice. It involves the separation and removal of blood components and constituents for direct or indirect treatment of conditions spanning a wide range of clinical specialties; it requires a particular set of technical skills and specialized knowledge. This article summarizes the procedure, when it is used, and the specialist skills needed to perform it and deal with any side-effects.

During the process of apheresis, blood components/constituents are separated or removed from a patient or donor in a continuous flow, with or without being replaced. Blood is drawn into a machine, usually via a vein in the cubital fossa of the arm, then returned to that or another vein minus the collected or removed components/constituents. Replacement fluid is added if required.

Key Skills: