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RN (Registered Nurse) OR (operating room) CIRCULATOR Location: Plano, TX

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2021-05-08 13:33:02
Job Type: Full Time only

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Minimum Requirements 
· Graduate of an accredited nursing program and holds a current Registered Nursing license, in good standing with the State licensing board. 
· BLS, ACLS, and PALS. 
· Minimum of three (3) years OR experience 
· Cognitive skills as related to the position 
· Top Level Customer Service Attitude and Compassion for our Patients and Customers
Position Summary 
Operating Room Nurses provide care and support to patients before, during and after surgery. OR Nurses also assist the surgeon and the surgical team in their
Position Responsibilities 
Operating Room Nurses provide direct and individualized nursing care to patients based on the application of scientific nursing principles. In addition to general
nursing care, responsibilities of OR Nurses include (but are not limited to): 
· Assesses, plans and evaluates the nursing care needs of the patient before, during and after a surgical procedure. 
· Provides nursing care to the patient undergoing surgical procedures. 
· Provides comfort and support for pre-operative patients. 
· Participates in the care of patients receiving conscious sedation. 
· Carries out physician orders. 
· Administers prescribed medications, applies dressings, and monitors vital signs. 
· Assists physician during procedures. 
· Maintains aseptic techniques and actively monitors situations which could lead to breaches in aseptic technique. 
· Coordinates the operating room with respect to sterility, cleanliness, availability of functioning equipment and supplies. 
· Ensures the proper handling of specimens. 
· Serves as the primary coordinator of all disciplines for well-coordinated patient care. 
· Monitors, records and communicates patient condition as appropriate utilizing computerized documentation systems. 
· Ensures that operating on correct patient and the correct procedure is being performed 
· Provides basic, bedside care 
· Responds to life-saving situations based upon nursing standards and protocol 
· Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms 
· May prep operating room for patient/procedure 
· Initiates corrective action whenever information from monitoring equipment shows adverse symptomatology 
· Assists in positioning, responding to comfort/safety of patient  
· Provides for accurate care and handling of specimens 
· Observes and enforces strict standards of asepsis 
· Observes, checks and monitors all equipment used during surgery to confirm they are running smoothly 
· Handles patient documentation 
· Inventories/counts all surgery items both pre- and post-surgery 
· Selects and handles instruments and supplies used for the operation 
· Inventories all items both pre- and post-surgery 
· Delivers direct surgical care by assisting physicians 
· Helps control bleeding 
· Provides wound exposure 
· Sutures patients after the surgery 
· Float among various clinical services, where qualified and competent 
· Provides age and culturally appropriate care. 
· Orients and mentors new staff members. 
· Follows Standard Precautions using personal protective equipment as required. 

Key Skills: